Bressay Stone Replica

I was commissioned by the Bressay History Group to produce 3D-printed replicas of the Bressay Stone and one large display model for their shop at the Bressay Heritage Centre, Shetland. I 3D-modelled and sculpted the stone from scratch in Blender and Meshmixer using a stylus and various reference materials. The stones were produced from resin and airbrushed afterwards. PLA filament was then used for the base, which is made from natural materials and biodegradable under certain conditions. The base was spray painted. Lastly, the display model was produced from recycled content. Information cards were also provided.

Bressay Stone Replica Display


Original Bressay Stone

The Bressay Stone is in the collection of the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Larger One-off Stone



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