Change of Plan, Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling Art Collection, Stirling, (Project assistant).
from 26th October 2020

I have reworked and repurposed an existing 3D print to highlight awareness of materials within my work. To weather the jug, I exposed it outside for roughly a month to allow the elements to decay the object. This meant that the original imagery and colour have gradually faded over time and this will continue to happen whilst being on display outdoors at the Art Collection. The altered item has been secured to a mirrored plinth so that the surrounding environment is reflected. Through this display things are not quite as they seem, an illusion occurs. By placing the worn piece onto a pristine base, the notion of value is hinted at as well.

E-brochure I made for GOSSIP Collective’s exhibition Change of Plan, view on Issuu
Walkthrough video made by Ken Elliott of the outdoor sculptures.


Scan the World: Epichysis

Sketchfab: Vase aryballisque à figures rouges by Musée Saint-Raymond is licensed under CC0 Public Domain

The Temple of Athena in Paestum by Constantin Hansen via Statens Museum for Kunst is licensed under CC0 1.0

Gezicht op kraters van de Vesuvius via Rijksmuseum is licensed under CC0 1.0



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