Pictish Stone Remix – 3D Printed Sculpture in Silk Metal 

Pictish Stone Remix is a limited edition 3D printed sculpture produced on my Monoprice Voxel 3D printer using a silk metal Polylactic Acid (PLA) filament. PLA is made from renewable materials and is biodegradable under certain conditions. Each piece is a limited edition of 15 and includes a signed certificate of authenticity. The item’s measurements are 100 x 40.15 x 19.92mm.

The 3D printed sculpture has been created by remixing two 3D models with various software (seen in photograph 8). In this case, I have focused on Class II Pictish stones from Scotland, specifically Aberlemno 3 and the Rosemarkie Stone. The back of Aberlemno 3 has been placed beside the back of the Rosemarkie Stone, vertically, to demonstrate the similarities and differences in design. The other side of the artefact depicts the front of the Rosemarkie Stone on its own.

The sculpture acts as a useful visual comparison. The weight of the product is 15g, making it light and tactical. This play upon materials is emphasised by using a metal effect rather than stone.

Please note as I have used a Silk Metal Rainbow filament each 3D print will differ slightly in colour as seen in the photographs, ranging from Rose Gold, Bronze Metal, Champagne Metallic and Electrum Green Gold, which will make every work distinctive. Placing two editions side by side is to illustrate the final finish only.

Available to buy on Etsy.


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