Ancient Greek Owl Fragment – Wooden Pin Badge

Ancient Greek Owl Fragment – Wooden Pin Badge is made from responsibly sourced 4mm thick Maple veneered MDF with a rubber clutch on the back. The length of the pin badge is 30mm and comes complete with a Backing Card at 85 x 55mm.

The Classical owl image was sourced online from The Metropolitan Museum of Art collection: Terracotta rim fragment of a kylix (drinking cup) is licensed under CC0 1.0. To create the piece, I removed the background from the original public domain photograph, cropped the result and then repaired the fracture present using editing software. I also altered the colour levels to highlight the vibrancy of prehistory. Finally, I applied a high-pass filter. Photographs 7-9 show this process. In a sense, I have converted a flat 2D picture back into a tangible 3D object, one that uses different materials.

In the past, I have used the same research information to produce a couple of 3D models and 3D prints. These are visible at and This type of work shows how the same subject matter can be represented in different ways, including a range of 3D outputs.


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