Eternal Connections

In collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland (HES)Muslim Scouts of Edinburgh and AMINA – The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre I created a 3D modelled digital reconstruction for the Eternal Connections project, which was funded by AHRC Capability for Collections Fund where I was a Co-investigator.

Press Release

The curious case of Caerlaverock Castle’s Islamic glass by Alea Ibrahim.

You can view and download the model for free by clicking above.

All the elements of the community project can be further engaged with at, which is an interactive ThingLink.

I also shared my process and outputs through two creative workshops. The first was with the Muslim Scouts of Edinburgh and was based on calligraphy and the shape of the object, using pipe cleaners.

The Microsoft Word document is free to use.

History is fun with the 8th Braid Salaam Scouts, South East Scotland Scouts.

The second workshop was with AMINA where the women used acrylic paint to decorate 3D Prints of the reconstructed vessel, reflecting themselves through their designs, after my presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint is free to use.



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