De / Construct, The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum gardens, Stirling.
1st July – 22nd August 2021

Media: 3D Prints

Description: Recently I have been exploring artefacts that are in the form of something else and converting them from one or more 2D public domain images, into 3D models. The item I have chosen to focus on for De / Construct is a pre-existing bird pendant from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The newly created sculptures have been produced using a desktop 3D printer, funded by a Scene Stirling Micro Grant. The access to industrial printers in person has become limited due to the pandemic, therefore beginning to experiment with my own is a useful alternative.

The original bead is just a couple of cms in size, but I have increased this to 14.5cms each. The bird symbolism, the process of making and displaying outdoors all fit in well with the ideas behind this exhibition.



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