TRANSPARENCy, Bannockburn House, Bannockburn.
Saturday 28th November 4pm 2020, online launch.

For this exhibition I have decided to reshow three sculptures which have been reworked from open cultural content. I have selected the bust of Monsignor Carlo Antonio dal Pozzo, held by National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, as a starting point. A dialogue surrounding the sitter’s nephew, Cassiano dal Pozzo, who commissioned Gian Lorenzo Bernini to carve the portrait, is focused upon. His role as collector and patron to the arts is also reflected in my installation of 3D printed works.

Sources: Scan the World and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The 3D printed sculptures on display have been remixed from original works of cultural significance. I am attracted by the idea of displaying objects outside of formal institutions, hopefully this will allow the viewer to observe them in a different light. Previously these recreations were displayed in a white walled gallery. The idea of taking historic works and reimagining them in a contemporary way and then placing them back into a historical setting is what really interested me about this project.

Brochure design by me, view on Issuu
Digital film tour of TRANSPARENCy, an exhibition of works at Bannockburn House, by @colours of Zephyra’ filmmaker/ photographer and music by Hannah Mcdermott. Scene Stirling
Slideshow of images by Hugh McCusker.
Documentary-style film, with artist interviews, by Leon Gibb including music from Hannah Mcdermott.



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