The Museum of Dispensability

Degree Show, Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen.
16th -23rd June 2017

For my show, I created a self-initiated collaborative project between myself, Aberdeen Archives, Gallery & Museums (AAGM), RGU Art and Heritage Collections and Gray’s School of Art. The project consisted of loaning five artefacts from AAGM in order to scan and 3D print the objects for eventual public display alongside the newly created replicas. Exploring the idea of the artefact and replica. The conditions in which I selected the artefacts were to concentrate on the overlooked and the mundane. Items that reflect the past and simultaneously represent the present, in a familiar form. Artefacts which have the potential to become obsolete. Each item shares a past with the surrounding region and conveys certain social stances and industries. Gray’s School of Art covered the insurance costs and RGU Art and Heritage Collections provided the showcase to display the original artefacts. The artefacts were 3D scanned using an Artec Spider scanner at Gray’s School of Art and then 3D printed using a ProJet 460Plus Full Colour and ProJet 3510 SD Acrylic 3D Printer at MAKE Aberdeen.

The New Generation Show 2017, Compass Gallery, Glasgow, (Invited artist).



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